Estate Planning & Trust Services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional and professional service to help our clients manage, maintain and transfer their wealth with personal attention designed to give them peace of mind.

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We can provide clients with meaningful tools needed for proper execution of their estate plans. 

Mound City Bank can assist clients with estate administration and probate services, administration for trust, financial guardianship or conservatorship accounts. In addition, we can serve as agent to manage your investment portfolio or serve as custodian to your self-directed IRA.

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Estate Administration

By designating an unbiased third party, such as our Trust Department, administration of the estate becomes a smoother process. Our basic duties as Personal Representative of the estate are:

  • To take possession and safeguard the property of the deceased
  • To inventory property and determine fair appraisal values
  • To pay debts and taxes owed by the estate, with the appropriate post-mortem planning
  • To distribute the remainder of the property as directed by the will

Guardianship or Conservatorship Account for Estates

By naming our Trust Department as a neutral party as financial guardian or conservator you can save yourself the trouble and heartache sometimes caused by a family member serving that capacity. The responsibilities of a guardian or conservator are numerous. The benefits of having our Trust Department serve as guardian or conservator include:

  • Provide impartiality by doing what is in the best interest of the ward
  • Ensure that the ward’s financial affairs are properly cared for such as making disbursements to or on behalf of the ward, and safekeeping property or assets of the ward
  • Keeping accurate records and filing the annual inventory as required with the proper court

Revocable Living Trust

A Revocable Living Trust ensures your assets will be handled according to your wishes. It will simplify your recordkeeping, protect your assets if you become incapacitated and avoid probate at death. It also allows certain assets to be retained in trust for the benefit of others after your death.

Irrevocable Trust

An Irrevocable Family or Marital Trust carries out the grantor’s wishes for the family with ongoing administration. It also provides asset protection from the grantor’s creditors.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a unique gift and estate planning vehicle. As the donor of this trust you receive significant benefits such as a current income tax charitable deduction, increase in annual cash flow, avoiding capital gains taxes on selling appreciated assets, making the full value of your assets available for income generation, allowing diversification of the full value of the proceeds and possible reduction of estate tax at death. As donor you can name a current beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries who receive a cash flow for life or a period of years. You also name the charitable remainder beneficiaries that receive the principal of the trust after the death of the current beneficiaries or when the stated term ends.


Investment Agency

This type of account would be used if you choose to have a professional manage your investment portfolio.

Not Insured by FDIC Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value Not a Bank Deposit
Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency

Probate Services

By hiring our Trust Department to serve as Personal Representative or Agent to the Personal Representative we can help an heir to an estate or an individual organize their estate prior to incapacity or death. The benefits of having our Trust Department serve as Personal Representative or Agency include:

  • Affordable and unbiased estate administration
  • Handling cumbersome tax reporting requirements
  • Experience with the probate process
  • Removes the burden from family members
  • Avoids the possibility of family conflicts

Trustee Services

As trustee, Mound City Bank can provide the expertise, personalized attention, professionalism and continuity for effective, worry-free trust management to help maintain and transfer your wealth. A personal trust can be a valuable way to preserve and pass on the value of your assets to the people or a charitable organization that is very important to you. There are many types of trusts that can be designed to meet your personal needs.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

This trust removes your life insurance from being taxed in your estate and protects the death benefit proceeds that will be distributed to your beneficiaries free from tax.

Charitable Lead Trust

This is an irrevocable trust that offers useful gift and estate tax leveraging tools for charitable inclined investors. You may choose to donate cash or a growth-oriented asset to the trust. This type of trust is designed to pay a distribution, based on a specific formula stated in the trust, to the chosen charity for a definite period of time. Once that time period expires, the principal of the trust is paid to the “remainder beneficiary” that is a member of your family other than you or your spouse.

Scholarship Trusts

This type of trust can be established to be a perpetual giving trust for the benefit of an unknown beneficiary. The governing document can dictate certain eligibility requirements that must be obtained before the chosen recipient gets a distribution to apply towards the cost of post high school education. Such requirements could be a specific grade point average or field of study or activity. It is designed specifically to carry out the wishes of the grantor.


Self-Directed Individual Retirement Services

Mound City Bank is limited to serving as your IRA custodian for Mound City Financial Services stock which is not publically traded. As your custodian we will provide the following:

  • Safe location for your stock certificates
  • Filing of required IRS reports
  • Issue IRA owner detailed transaction statements
  • Assist IRA owner in understanding the rules and regulations pertaining to IRAs and certain prohibited transactions