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Other Business Services

ACH Services

Reoccurring electronic payments or direct deposit payroll are available with your business account.

Mound City Link

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere via your phone.

Dial 1-800-579-LINK to request information on checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, investment rates, banking hours, and more - all at no charge.

Check Protect

Check Protect helps you avoid overdraft fees by transferring the available ledger balance in a related Mound City Bank transaction account, money market account, or savings account. Check Protect will transfer the amount your account is overdrawn (if available), plus $15. The $15 includes the $10 transfer fee charged per transfer, and leaves the remaining $5 in your checking account to keep the account active. If the transfer account does not contain sufficient funds to cover your overdrawn account the $10 transfer fee will not be assessed, however overdraft fees may apply.

Wire Transfers

  • Incoming Wire Fee: $20.00
  • Service charge outgoing wire: $25.00
  • Service charge wire out Int'l: $40.00